Foss Consulting Group
is focused on integrity and quality.


Since 1960, Foss Consulting has been providing a wide variety of clients with professional real estate appraisal and counseling services. The services include real estate appraisal, research and market analysis, investment analysis, litigation support services, appraisal review and market studies.


Having been located in Southern California for nearly six decades Foss Consulting Group is work that you can trust. Foss Consulting Group continues to focus on the appraisal and analysis of all types of real estate for clients that require an impartial view of the market.

Foss Consulting Group is a commercial appraisal company that is small enough or large enough for your needs. Many of the smaller commercial appraisal firms (1 to 2 person shops) do not have the capacity, database & resources, and/or experience with various property types and geographical locations. Many of the larger national commercial appraisal firms have trainees performing the appraisals. All Foss Consulting Group commercial appraisals are performed by experienced licensed commercial appraisers. Many of the larger national commercial appraisal firms charge "brand fees" and have huge shared (appraisal, management, brokerage) overhead resulting in high cost commercial appraisals. Furthermore, the larger national commercial appraisal firms are commingled with a brokerage & management division. This is important as we are not influenced by a brokerage arm and are truly independent and unbiased. We provide commercial and Residential appraisal and consulting services. We do not include additional fees for shared overhead expenses nor do we charge "brand fees" for being part of a larger national commercial appraisal firm.

Foss Consulting Group is a national commercial and residential real estate appraisal firm with local expertise throughout the Southern California region. Foss Consulting Group has performed appraisals in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Kern, Imperial and San Diego Counties. We have also appraised properties throughout the rest of California, and the nation including Florida, Nevada, New York, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

We are dedicated to providing valuation and consulting services through a quantitative and qualitative team research approach.  Our philosophy is to provide an objective analysis to assist our clients in making informed real estate decisions. Members of the Foss Consulting team hold the MAI designation (the highest certification offered by the Appraisal Institute). Our reports are prepared with the precision that the industry demands with valuation and consulting for all major property types.



To ensure objectivity and independence, Foss Consulting Group does not engage in any activity that may conflict with the best interests of our clients. As an impartial observer of the markets, Foss Consulting is able to collect data that companies with an interest in the results of a transaction are not able to collect.



Our clients have found that Foss Consulting Group is a relationship-oriented organization, focusing on our clients’ and customers’ needs and delivering the highest quality services. Foss Consulting clients include lending institutions, large and small development firms, investors, owners, attorneys, accountants and government agencies.