Apartment / Multi-Family

While an apartment valuation may seem simple but apartment properties are one of the most diverse and complicated commercial property types. Apartments vary widely from amenities, class, style, size, location and more. We have conducted typical conventional apartment appraisals, proposed construction multi-family valuations, low income apartment appraisals, HUD apartment valuations, special financing and tax credits… Read More

Mixed-Use – Multi-Family – Apartment

Mixed-use buildings are properties that incorporate multiple uses with a single structure. The range of uses may include two more of the following: office, hotel, retail, industrial, residential and recreational/cultural. At Foss Consulting Group, we have experienced commercial appraisers focused on all residential buildings, such as a residential mixed-use building. Please contact us for any… Read More

Student Housing

Student housing refers to housing for students mainly at college and university campuses. Typically, student housing are traded on a price per bed instead of price per units lile apartments. We have appraised several apartments that have been converted at major campuses throughout California. For each student housing appraisals, an extensive survey of competitive properties… Read More

Fractured Condominium/Conversion & Reversion

Condominium Conversion – Transforming the use or ownership of property, generally an income-producing real estate property, i.e. converting apartments into condominiums. Conversion may involve remodeling and partitioning and relocating tenants who do not choose to buy their units. For example, when an apartment is purchased for the purpose of converting it to a “for sale”… Read More

Age Restricted Housing

Age-restricted housing is a housing community that typically limits 80% of the ownership to individual who are over a set age. Often the minimum age for one of the owners is 50 years, but it could be 55 or even 60. In addition to restriction on ownership, such communities frequently have age requirements for residency… Read More

Affordable Housing – Low Income Housing

Affordable housing/Low income housing is housing deemed affordable to those with a median household income as rated by country, province (state), region or municipality by a recognized Housing Affordability Index. In the United States, a commonly accepted guideline for housing affordability is a housing cost that does not exceed 30% of a household’s gross income…. Read More

Condominiums/Townhouses – Appraisals

A residential condominium is a type of dwelling unit. It is a type of ownership of single units or possibly multiple units in a multi-unit residential structure, combined with joint ownership of commonly used property (land areas, recreational facilities, garages, parking areas, sidewalks, hallways, stairs, lobbies, etc.). Any property type can be built or converted… Read More

RV Park

A recreational vehicle park (RV park) or caravan park is a place where people with recreational vehicles can stay overnight, or longer, in allotted spaces. They are also referred to a campgrounds, though a true campground also provides facilities for tent camping; many facilities calling themselves “RV parks” also offer tent camping or cabins with… Read More

Mobile Home Parks/Manufactured Housing

We provide commercial appraisal and valuation services for mobile home park properties. A mobile home park or manufactured housing park is a semi-permanent or permanent area for mobile homes or travel trailers. The advantages of mobile home parks include lower costs compared to other housing. The parks can be gated communities with amenities such as… Read More