Foss Consulting Group has performed office valuations on conventional office buildings, medical office buildings, dental office buildings, creative office buildings, live work buildings, GSA buildings, business parks, corporate headquarters, downtown CBD office towers, high-rise office buildings, office condominiums, suburban office buildings and more. We know the complexities of appraising office properties. There are many factors that a… Read More

Mixed-Used – Office

Mixed-use buildings are properties that incorporate multiple uses within a single structure. The range of uses may include two or more of the following: office, hotel, industrial, office, residential and recreational/cultural. At Vanguard Realty Advisors, we have experienced and dedicated commercial appraisers focused on commercial appraisals of all office property types, such as office mixed-use… Read More

Veterinary Office

A veterinary office is a type of office property. It is a specialized office that is focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals. The scope of veterinary medicine is wide, covering all animal species, both domesticated and wild, with a wide range of conditions which can affect different… Read More

Office Condominiums

An office condominium is a type of office property. A type of ownership of single units or possibly multiple units in a multi-unit structure, combine with joint ownership of commonly used property (land areas, recreational facilities, garages, parking areas, sidewalks, hallways, stairs, lobbies, etc.). Any property type can be built or converted to this ownership… Read More

Government GSA (General Services Administration) – Commercial Appraisal

A General Services Administration (GSA) Building is a facility that is occupied by an agency of the United States government. Examples of the types of GSA buildings are facilities of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Social Security Administration (SSA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department… Read More

Live Work Office

Many buildings tout themselves as live-work spaces, but live-work designations are not all equal. For example, a primarily residential building that has no restriction on working from home can be called a live-work space but it is hardly comparable to a building that allows you to have employee, walk-in customers or clients… Read More

Creative Office Building

A creative office building typically features an open modern design with exposed ceiling. Many creative office buildings are converted industrial warehouse building. In recent years, there has been much demand for these property types, especially in areas such as San Francisco, West Los Angeles, Culver City and more. We have commercial appraisers focused on all… Read More

Dental Office

We have performed many dental office appraisals throughout California. By definition, a dental office is type of medical office that includes a greater number of wet stacks and special power requirement. A notably high parking ratio usually accompanies the space. We are familiar with the various build-out of dental spaces throughout California and the reported… Read More

Medical Office

We provide medical office commercial appraisal and valuation services throughout California. It is a specialized niche property. By definition, it is an building with more than 50% of the demised space suitable for medical uses such as general practice, dental, surgical or other practices utilizing interior improvements not generally found in business support facilities. Prominent… Read More

Downtown CBD Office

By definition, Central Business District (CBD) refers to a particular geographic area within a metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Central Business District (CBD) is defined as including all office inventory not located in the suburban areas. The CBD is characterized by a high density, organized core (Downtown Areas) within the largest city of a given MSA…. Read More

Suburban Office

By definition, suburban refers to a particular geographic area within a metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Suburban is defined as including all office inventory not located in the CBD (Central Business District). We have commercial appraisers focused on all office properties in all locations, such as Suburban Office. Please contact us for any office appraisal services.