Single Family Residence

Foss Consulting Group has one of the region’s most reputable and professional teams of residential appraisal specialists. The depth and breadth of our team’s experience allow us to quickly concentrate resources on even the most complex residential appraisal issues. This qualified team of appraisers, with a broad base of collective knowledge and experience, can meet any of your appraisal needs with the utmost attention to quality of service and timeliness. The range of work typically encountered on a daily basis consists of, but is not limited to the following:

  • Single Family

  • Condos

  • Green Homes

  • Modern

  • 2-4 Multi-Family

  • Luxury

  • Waterfront

  • New Construction

  • Vacant Land

  • Ranch Estate

We specialize in appraisals for the following purposes:

  • Estate (Date of Death) Appraisals

  • Retrospective (Historical) Appraisals

  • Divorce Appraisals

  • Bankruptcy Appraisals

  • IRS Related Appraisals

  • FHA Appraisals

  • Private Party Sale Appraisals

  • Private Party Appraisals for Pricing

  • Litigation Appraisals & Consultations

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Lending Appraisals

  • Mortgage Loans